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Important Notes

  1. Telemeter uses phone sensors for distance measurements. The measurement precision depends on the used measurement mode.  Hand-Mode is used for quick and rough measurements without extra preparation and additional equipment. In Hand-Mode error can be larger due to rough estimation of the device height and phone movement around initial position during the measurement. To perform proper measurements in this mode and achieve better results,  follow the measurement instructions.
  2. If you need more accurate results  Stand-Mode should be used for measurements. In this case you enter the exact hight of your phone. Here auxiliary equipment (e.g. tripod)  can be useful. This mode gives flexibility to create your own measurement setup.
  3. Accuracy of the depth/length, "distance-to" and height measurements is higher in comparison with width measurement, because the compass sensor is used for width measurement. This sensor is less accurate and more sensitive to the surround environment.
  4. The height of the phone and tilt angle determine the range and accuracy of your measurements. Optimal range of angles is 5-60 degrees from your bode axis (ground surface normal). The higher the phone the wide the range of distance measurements. For example if you are on the top of a very high building, the  measurement range can be up to kilometers. In this case human height is insignificant as compared to the building height.  So to start big distance measurements you just need to climb to the high enough point and know the height of this point.
  5. If you use Hand-Mode the height of the phone is enough for distance measurements in range from centimeters to tens of meters. In Stand-Mode where you can exactly enter the height of the phone yourself and control motion of the phone better,  the range and the accuracy of measurements are determined by your experimental setup. In this case you can achieve the range from centimeters to hundreds of meters or up to km as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  6. Since the  compass sensor has relatively slow response, wait 5-7 seconds at each measurement points until measured value is settled. Due to hight sensitivity to the electromagnetic interference, magnets and metallic objects, accuracy of all measurements, based on the compass sensor, varies significantly depending on surroundings. Calibrating the compass may improve results of measurements.