Planimeter - GPS Area Measure

Planimeter is a tool to measure distances and areas, to check bearing and GPS coordinates  using Google Maps and GPS. This Android measurement app is useful for outdoor activities and can be used as land surveyor by amateurs and professionals in various industries like sport, farming, landscaping, paving and construction, road building and repairing, real estate business, hiking and travel, fencing, lot building and planning, solar panel installation (roof area estimation), object mapping, lawn design, and many other where land area and distance / length calculations, land survey or maps are involved.

If you have any question about the mobile digital Planimeter and its functionality, please check our How To Use quick guide in questions and answers first or see Interactive Help in the app.


The App has the following features:
  • Accurate distance measure and area measure and calculation
  • Metric and Imperial units (m, km, feet, yards, miles, ha, acres)
  • Distance between cities and points
  • Angle between lines
  • Navigation through the points by touch
  • GPS coordinates for chosen point
  • GPS accuracy tuning
  • Manage previously saved projects: open, save, preview, share KML files
  • Export data to Google Earth and Google Maps (through KML file)
  • Send data by email or Skype: picture, coordinates as text message, KML file
  • Save screen snapshot on SD card
  • Map/Satellite View
  • Zoom and Edit points
  • Current location search using GPS and Network
  • Address (zip, area code) text search
  • Delete selected/all points
  • Zoom to Fit-in and center points on screen (quick point search)
  • Add points by touch 
  • Add current GPS / Network location as a point
  • Add points with Latitude and Longitude coordinates
  • Last point is auto centered - make it easy to use on scaled up map
  • Option to show/hide lines
  • You can add points on the map by touch , edit points location or delete last or all points (long touch on "delete" button). 
  • Preferences: adjust GPS accuracy, time search, delete option and color theme.
  • Target Mode for accurate pin placing
  • show current coordinates in Target Mode
  • Stylus Draw Mode
  • Multiple Point Selection feature in Edit Mode
  • Smart Path processing functions: Simplify Lines, Convex Area
  • Full-screen option
  • p2p distances on path or track
  • quick open/export in Google Earth (paid feature)
  • Magnifying Glass in Edit Mode for accurate pin editing. 
  • Languages: English, Russian, Portuguese, German

You have an option to find your current location using GPS, Network or search Address (ZIP, area code) . You can add your location to the list of points by making a long touch on "current location" button. It is very convenient feature that allows you to put key points on the map while walking, running or travelling.  

You can save your measurements as KML files and screenshots. You have options to browse and manage these files: open, preview, save, share, delete. You can save your track data ( area, distance, perimeter ) and  share data by email as a text message and KML file  and import it into Google Earth or your Google Maps.

Gmaps cache can not be implemented due to restriction by Google, but you can add GPS pins OFFLINE, save it as KML and then open it when connection and GMaps available.

If you accidentally moved the map and can't see the track or area on the screen, just make a long touch on "edit" button and all points you have placed will be automatically centered on the screen.

Notes about Google Maps:

1. For the accuracy purpose Google Maps limit latitude values to the range from -80 to 80 degrees.

 2. Google Maps cache feature is not allowed to be implemented in third-party applications. If you work offline, please use Save to KML feature to edit and see your measurements later when Internet connection is active. 

App Screenshot


How to use

See Interactive Help in the App  or use guide below.

[GOOGLE DRIVE LINK] - use "File -> Make a copy..."  to create a local copy in your Google Drive. Then apply "Tools-> Translate document" to your copy to make a translation to needed language.

Note: starting with v2.1.0 you can use Trash button to delete selected point!


1. If number of points on the screen is big, try to switch off the pins by LONG TOUCH on distance button. It makes redrawing faster.

2. Please note that you can also try smart path processing feature - "simplify path" - by long touch on "area" button to reduce number of redundant points. It makes redrawing and saving faster. 

 3. If you use GPS tracking, please use proper time intervals. It significantly affects battery level.

 4. Planimeter software uses "external storage" to save data (KML files, screenshots). "External storage" can be a removable storage media (such as an SD card) or an internal (non-removable) storage.  Files saved to the external storage can accessed and modified by the user when they enable USB mass storage to transfer files on a computer. Planimeter data files  are saved in the root directory under "com.vistechprojects.planimeter" folder. Make sure to backup this folder  if you need it or  if you do factory reset of your device.


01/02/12: v1.0.0 - New upload.
02/16/12: v1.1.0 - Info Panel integrated.
- Distance between points
- Angle between lines
- Navigation through the points by touch on Info Panel
- GPS coordinates for selected point
- Export feature improved
- location search improved
- visualization improved: current point and line highlighted
- point edit mode improved
- smaller app file size with extended functionality.
03/14/12: v1.1.5 - improved performance. 
03/14/12: v1.2.0 - address (zip, area code) option is added.  
05/26/12: v1.3.0 - add points by Latitude and Longitude coordinates, improved performance, KML export improved.
06/29/12: v1.3.1 - GPS accuracy shown and can be controlled by user
06/29/12: v1.3.2 - usability improvement
07/25/12: v1.4.0 - exported KML file has all measurement results now to be seen in Google Maps and Google Earth
08/08/12: v2.0.0 - KML file browser: save, open, share, delete projects. Preferences: adjust GPS accuracy, GPS time search, delete option and color theme.
08/16/12: v2.1.0 - Edit Mode improved: add points on a line and delete selected point.
09/20/12: v2.1.3 - stability improvement.
11/07/12: v2.2.0 - Target Mode, Multiple Point Selection in Edit Mode, Smart path processing functions
11/12/12: v2.2.1 - stability improvement
11/14/12: v3.0.0 - Tracking Feature
12/19/12: v3.2.0 - Manual option in tracking mode and quick access to GPS accuracy settings
12/20/12: v3.2.1 - quick access to GPS settings accuracy menu (see Help), fix
03/27/13: v3.3.0 - new Stylus Draw Mode. Option to show current coordinates in Target Mode
05/10/13: v3.4.0 - center pin is optional, graphic improvements
07/03/13: v3.5.0 - Add point using Geo-coordinates in different formats.
11/24/13: v3.6.0 -
Fullscreen, p2p distance on path, quick export to Google Earth,
 Landscape Mode
12/22/13: v3.7.1 - Initial and back bearings, fix
28-Mar-14: v3.7.2 - stability improvements
10-Apr-14: v3.7.3 - stability improvements
19-Jul-14: v3.8.0 - Magnifying Glass in Edit Mode for better and accurate pin editing. 
22-Jan-15: v3.8.4 - UI improvements with drawer menu
09-Mar-15: v3.9.1 - New Language added
17-Apr-15: v4.0.0 - New Notes Mode
25-Jul-15: v4.3.1 - Improved stability and design
05-Aug-15: v4.4.0 - German Language support
20-Aug-15: v4.5.0 - View KML files with Planimeter (from e-mail attachment, file browser, etc.)
07-Nov-15: v4.5.2 - Portuguese correction
01-Nov-17: v5.+ - check our Planimeter Blog about new versions, updates, features and fixes


Nov, 2017


2.0 and up


see Google Play

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