Partometer - camera measure


    Partometer is an easy to use and handy tool for object dimensions measurements that can be used as a ruler or tape measure or replace them in certain situations.
    The App performs remote, non-contact in plane measurements. It uses the phone camera and any available object with known size as a reference. Most common objects like credit card, sheet of paper, DVD/CD, etc. are included in the application. Moreover you can use your own custom objects with known size.

The App has following modes:
  • Length-Mode  allows you to measure and divide an object in certain ratio or lay off length on the object with integrated relation ruler (slider).
  • FreeHand-Mode allows you to measure an object in any direction and compare sizes to each other.
  • Angle-Mode allows you to measure length, area and angle of an object.
  • Area-Mode allows you to measure area of an object.
  • Circle-Mode allows you to measure circular objects.
The App shows a measurement result in
different units like meters, millimeters, centimeters, feet, inches based on user settings. It also calculate dimensions of the object in relative units with respect to  the reference object.
A user has an option to make a snapshot of the camera view and work with a still image instead of live camera view, Picture Load from a gallery is also included. Zoom View feature helps to align object boundaries accurately.


    The App can be very useful if you need to measure bigger distances on the plane, where the simple ruler or tape is difficult to apply. All you need to do in this case is to place the reference object (credit card or sheet of paper) on the measurement plane, make sure that the object of interest fits into the camera view and take your measurement.

   Partometer can be handful in following situations:

- you are moving in and need to measure size of your room quickly
- you are buying furniture and want to estimate its size
- you need to measure baggage size
- you need to measure out some distances on objects (handcraft, woodcraft, etc.)
- you are outdoor and want to know size of a big object that practically impossible to measure   with a ruler or tape measure. For example, you can measure height of a house using sheet   of paper as a reference object.
- you can measure small objects just by placing them on A4 or Letter sheet.
- you can measure or compare height of a person
- you can compare objects to each other

... and many others, depending on your imagination.

Depending on the distance to an object you can achieve millimeter resolution.

App Screenshots



How to use


  • The bigger a reference object on the screen the more accurate measurement result you can achieve.
  • Please adjust ROL with the reference object properly, it is very critical for measurement accuracy. The correct ways to place ROL on the reference object with long and short sides is shown below:



09/03/11: v1.1.0 - FreeHand-Mode added, stability improvement, possible bug fixed.
11/05/11: v2.0.0 - Angle-Mode, Zoom View, Picture Load features are added.
11/12/11: v2.0.1 - Possible bug fixed.
02/17/12: v3.0.0 - Camera performance and stability improved, tested on Tablets. New Features: Area Mode, Flashlight, Autofocus (Live), Save and Share results.
03/08/12: v3.0.6 - Possible bug fix, accuracy improvement. 
04/07/12: v4.0.0 - Circle-Mode added
04/21/12: v4.0.1 - Large image support improvement
06/29/12: v4.0.2 - Image loading fixed, stability improvement
02/09/13: v4.1.1 - picture upload improved.
07/06/13: v4.2.0 - scale grid, multiple rulers, add points on lines in Area mode, fraction in Length Mode
08/29/13: v4.3.1 - ON/OFF measure values in Free Mode (by touching values above rulers), stability improvements 
12/06/13: v4.4.0 - Distance in pixels on screen and on original image, save and share results fix for KitKat 4.4, picture load improved with Drive, Picasa, file managers support
19-Jan-14: v4.4.1:  stability improvements


Jan 19, 2014


1.6 and up


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