Distance2Meter is a tool that uses a phone camera for quick and easy estimation of the distance to an object. "Mark-Move-Mark" Principle is used for measurement. Point your camera at the object. Move towards the object and point your camera at the same object again.
See the measured distance on the screen in units and steps. User interface and usage are intuitive. "How to measure" guide is included in the App. Just follow the guide steps to start your measurement.

Notable features:
  • Snapshot feature is available in order to make your marking and measurements more comfortable and to achieve more precise results
  • Result of measurements is shown in common units like millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet, yards
  • Result in your "steps" can be shown as well
  • No reference object is needed for measurements
  • No limits on camera position and motion
  • Partially visible object can be used for measurements also (no requirements for complete object visibility in camera view)
  • Zoom View for accurate slider adjustment

This App can be useful for outdoor and sport activities: golf, hiking, traveling, etc., where quick estimation of the distance to objects is needed.

The measurement range of this App depends on the "Motion-Mode" settings in App Preferences. It can be used in wide range of distances and right choice of Motion-Mode
in particular situation can lead to very accurate results. Motion-Mode can be defined in steps or in selected measurement units.

This App complements the series of our tools that uses a phone camera for remote non-contact measurements.

Object dimension  and distance measurements with mm-accuracy are covered with Partometer app. It can be used as a ruler or tape measure. This app uses reference object. Choice of this object defines the range of measurements: from mm and up.

For middle distance range, from cm to tens of meters, Telemeter App is used. It allows you to estimate remotely object Length, Height, Width and Depth without a reference  object just using your camera. In addition Telemeter has other useful tools for object alignment, orientation detection, etc., that you can use while moving or during indoor and outdoor activities.

App Screenshot

How to use


  • We recommend to choose the "anchor-fragment" not too small to make marking and measurement more accurate. The bigger the "anchor-fragment" is chosen, the shorter user motion can be used  and the more accurate marking can be achieved.
  • If you measure the distance to an object and the object appears small in camera view,
    please use bigger motion length.
  • Frozen picture and Zoom View are preferable to use. In this case you can adjust sliders more precise  and improve measurement accuracy especially for long distances and small objects.
  • In Hand Mode use big "anchor-fragments" that show noticeable change in size during the arm motion to achieve more accurate results. This mode is less accurate due to short motion length and inaccuracy in arms motion and position.


09/07/11: v1.0.0 - New upload.
11/11/11: v1.1.0 - Hand Mode and Zoom View are added.
11/12/11: v1.1.1 - Possible bug fixed.


Nov 11, 2011


1.6 and up


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